Dichtbij rond de ster, HD 260655 Astronomen stuiten op een multiplanet systeem

Dichtbij rond de ster, HD 260655 Astronomen stuiten op een multiplanet systeem

Astronomers have discovered a pair of exoplanets orbiting HD 260655, which is 33 light-years from the sun. The two exoplanets are unlikely to be habitable, as they are both in tight orbits and surface temperatures are too high for liquid water to exist on the surface. In May, a team of astronomers studying the sun-like star found that it wasn’t alone in a giant gas planet keeping it company on its journey across the cosmos.

-The star HD 260655 is located 33 light-years from the Sun.

-The planets are too close to the star to harbor life.

-HD 260655 is one of the most famous multiplanet systems.

First, directly imaging exoplanets is difficult work. Other planet hunters look for obvious changes in the speed of stars, caused by the gravitational effect of an invisible world. In addition, the closer they are to their home sun, the more that sun obscures them in the sky. The two newly discovered exoplanets are 14 and six times the mass of Jupiter, our heaviest planet, and orbit 16 and 32 times further away than Saturn.

Although astronomers have indirectly detected thousands of planets in our galaxy, only a small fraction of these exoplanets have been directly imaged. Further observations, including those made by major future observatories such as the European Extremely Large SPHERE, use a device called a coronagraph to block a star’s blinding light.

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